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investorsforce: Good day. I was wondering if anyone could help me or point me to a place where an indicator may have already been coded. I have a simple daily, weekly, monthly pivot (H+L+C / 3), however I’m trying to figure out how to code the same but for RTH session only so I would effectively have two pivots for each; D, W, M. There are numerous types of ways how to learn Forex: Forex Webinars. The simplest colleague with Forex is a webinar. This is just one of the types of video clip Forex training online. There are firms that use totally free as well as paid training courses for beginner traders. By enrolling in a webinar, you can get the info you need online. Options Trading Excel Collar A collar is an options strategy which is protective in nature, which is implemented after a long position in a stock has proved to be profitable. It is implemented by purchasing a put option, writing a call option, and being long on a stock. Then you definitely want to download the free Forex trend lines PDF that I just put together. It contains the four keys to drawing these levels accurately. I’ve also included examples so you can see exactly how I use trend lines in my trading. Click the link below and enter your email to download the cheat sheet. For Forex instruments quoted to the 5th decimal point (e.g. GBPUSD – 1.32451) 1 pip is equal to a price increment of 0.00010; for Forex instruments quoted to the 3rd place following the decimal point (e.g. USDJPY – 101.522) 1 pip is equal to a price increment of 0.010. The most optimized, highly robust and easy to use Pivot Point indicator 100% for free. Our Pivot Point indicator is based on advanced algorithm of calculating the pivot point and support and resistance levels. Features. Here is a list of all the features of my Excel trading journal template: It allows you to track up to 6 different strategies simultaneously.; It works with stocks, penny stocks, futures, options, forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, spread betting etc.; It works with all time-frames (day trading, swing trading, and investing strategies can be tracked). It’s like a bird-eye view on things like brokerages, the forex market itself, technical analysis, essential analysis, trading psychology, and also a lot more. It won’t make you a professional promptly but will establish you up for continuing your path as a forex trader. Forex Courses Online

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